Photography Services

I took up photography as a hobby after college and immediately dove into the deep end with my Sony A65. Over the years I have cultivated my style and techniques specializing in candid photography for large-scale festivals, concerts, and conventions. Now that I have gotten pretty comfortable with my candid work, I have begun expanding my capabilities working on posed subjects and simulated studio shoots. I now carry dual Sony A77 mk II bodies with a wide array of lenses to best fit the situation I walk into.


Portrait & Cosplay Photo Sessions

Individual: $25 for 30 min session

Groups (2-4): $50 for 45 min

Groups (5+): $60 for 60 min 

Print & Download Options

  • Custom Location options
  • Show On-Site availability
  • Professional Lighting
  • Themed or group options
  • Color Correction
  • Post-Editing and Cleanup
  • 5-10 select photos typical
  • Pay only for your favorites

Raven Cosplay from Teen Titans By Gina at Sangawa 2017

Concert Photography

Base: $300 per show & up

Ascension Festival Main stage in Pittsburgh

  • Candids of Audience and Artists
  • Full Venue Coverage
  • Vendor Glamour shots
  • Artist Glamour shots
  • 50 Select Photos Typical


Base: $250 per event & up 

Conventions: $750 per day & up

Center Stage at RTX in Austin

  • Candid Reactions of Attendees and Panelists
  • Music show coverage (see Concert Photography)
  • Posed group shots
  • Vendor Glamour shots
  • Behind-the-Scenes Coverage
  • Cosplay Posed Individual and Group
  • 100 Select Photos Typical


Base: $150 per game & up

Finish Line at CMU Sweepstakes Races

  • Player in-action capture
  • Individual and Team Photos
  • Audience Candids
  • Pre- and Post-Competition Coverage
  • Awards Ceremony
  • 20 Select Photos Typical


Base: $50 per product & up

Razer Products in use at demo booth

  • Product glamour shots for sales and marketing
  • In-Studio Isolation shots
  • In-Use Posed or Candid shots
  • 5 Select Photos Typical