Product Development Services

My experience covers a broad scope of development levels, from initial concept generation through final manufacturing and production release. I have worked in many industries including Consumer electronics, Commercial Lighting, and Industrial Robotics. With this wide variety, I have an equally diverse network that I am able to call upon to add further context and insight to my personal skills. Using my breadth of skills, I am often able to incorporate final design and manufacturing elements early in development which has helped to reduce turnaround time and production delays.


Concept Generation

  • Complete definition of problem and constraints (physical, monetary, patent)
  • Research of existing solutions with comparison to intended solution
  • Feasibility analysis with multiple production options
  • Product/Market fit determination
  • User interaction research and review


  • Digital Design generation from initial Concepts
  • Rendering of 3D designs for Marketing
  • Design for 3D printing or Laser Cutting for initial user testing
  • Proof-of-Concept validations
  • Quick turnaround for iterative designs

Design for Production

  • Creation of detailed, production-ready product drawings
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • On-site and In-person communication with Contract Manufacturer
  • Tailored designs based on Manufacturer's capabilities
  • Part Numbering and documentation
  • Design for a variety of methods and Materials
    • Plastic Injection Mold
    • CNC Machining
    • Sheet Metal forming
    • Manual Assembly
    • CNC Assembly
    • And always adding more

Product Line Improvement

  • Low-cost, error-reducing production revisions
  • Full product revisions for improved user interaction
  • Product instruction and sales documentation
  • Costs review and analysis of complete production cycle
  • Assembly and Part reduction



  • Free initial consultation and scope of work definition
  • $60/hr for design work (Special rates for large or long-term projects)
  • $20/hr for travel in excess of 50 miles or 1 hour by car