Photos from the Elks in Braddock / by Ben Matzke

What a weekend! I had a great time at Static celebrating my friend's Birthday Friday night. Great DJ and area, and also a fun place to test out my new equipment which I got to fully take advantage of on Saturday.

This was actually my first time at the Braddock Elks and I can surely say that it won't be my last! It's a much smaller venue than I expected, but that only made it more cozy. Everyone was friendly and the music was fantastic! Check out the gallery at the end of this post for some selected shots from the night, the full gallery is posted to my Flickr (links at the end).

DSC05861-March 16, 2014-Backup.jpg


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Fullscreen Gallery Here

Complete gallery of all photos on my Flickr: Complete Braddock Elks

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Just booked some big tickets for this summer last week and I can't wait. Do you have any big plans this summer?