Big Events on the horizon / by Ben Matzke

 Hey guys,

I sadly haven't posted in a while and I'm really kinda sad that I haven't. Partly I've been busy with other work and working on planning some bigger trips, but mainly this hasn't become the type of support that I was hoping for when I started off. So now this site will become more of a sometimes thing. I will keep it updated with everything that I do and I'll keep this blog going as often as I remember, but I won't be posting as regularly as I initially attempted.

Anyway, looking ahead, the next few weeks are going to be awesome and I am really excited for what's to come! 


Andy C

This is one of the more anticipated shows coming to the Pittsburgh area and it sounds AMAZING! 1337 is pulling out the stops and kicking it up a notch after last week's Zomboy show. There will be the amazing sounds of MC Armanni Reign, and of course the tremendous Andy C. On top of those sounds, there will be an awesome light show filling the Rex to compete with what was put on last week. I really hope to get my camera in and get some awesome shots of everyone who comes!


Electric Forest

I snagged a ticket to Electric Forest this year and I could not be more excited. I'll be leaving for this soon after Andy C and I'm making sure I have everything that I need for it right now. I'm bringing my camera with me, but it sounds like it'll be very difficult for me to bring my camera in to all the fun things so my pictures might be just of our campsite, but hopefully I'll still get some fun ones for those of you that aren't able to make it in.



Last year was my reintroduction to the awesomeness that is Rooster Teeth and I joined a friend in attending their convention down in Austin, TX. This was my first real convention of any significant size and I had an absolute blast. This was still pretty early after getting the camera that I use now, so the pictures didn't all turn out like I wanted, but with the new post skills I learned I was able to salvage a good number of them. Check them out Here.

This year I will actually have a media pass for the whole event (last year I managed to get one for the last day) and I will be getting as much out of it as I can. I will try to upload as many as possible while I'm there, but expect a complete upload when I get back the week of the 7th. It might take me a bit to get through and upload them, but I will strive to keep it to that week.


These next three weeks will be incredibly busy and exhausting, but also some of the most exciting and rewarding I can't wait to come back and tell you guys all about it! 

And remember, if you want me to come out to more events in the Pittsburgh area, I need your support to do so.