Event Uploads - Part 2 - Electric Forest / by Ben Matzke

Hey guys,

Here's part 2 of my massive set of uploads. Pretty much only a couple days after what I'm gonna call the last second Buku/Sanchez show I was up in Rothbury Michigan enjoying the crap out of Electric Forest. Since I it was a vacation for myself, I only took my camera out for a night, but I couldn't help still snapping a ton of sweet photos. Hopefully I can get out there again next year and get more awesome shots.

They apparently have some kinda competition to be a photographer for the festival. I sadly missed that for this year, but come next year, I definitely plan applying for that, and I might need some help from you guys for some new portfolio pieces! Please let me know if you want to help out and I'll add you to my list. Hoopers highly encouraged! ;D

If you had a chance to join the festival, here's another chance to reminisce. If you didn't get to join the fun, here's what you missed: Happy Forest!

Fullscreen Gallery

Complete gallery of all photos on Flickr: Complete Electric Forest

Enjoy and I hope I see you in the Forest next year!