Event Uploads - Part 3 - RTX / by Ben Matzke

Hey guys,

Alright, here's the last major event upload from that set. This time I was in Austin, TX attending RTX for fans of Roosterteeth.com which I had attended last year as a normal attendee. This year I managed to snag a media badge for the whole event and it was INCREDIBLE! I spent so much time taking pictures that I didn't have a chance to spend more time on the floor.

If you haven't check out Rooster Teeth in a while, they're still pumping along harder and more productive than ever. Their claim to fame of having the original webseries Red vs Blue is still going strong in it's 12th season and they just started a new anime-esque show known as RWBY. The convention this year was 30k strong and made for a really spectacular show.

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Complete gallery of all pictures on Flickr: Complete RTX 2014