I tend to like doing a lot of things and that leaves me pretty busy. I got my degree in engineering, but recently I've been getting more into photography and video editing as a hobby. In addition to these, I write for a blog that focuses on a sport invented at Carnegie Mellon that has been around for almost a century.

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Though my school work and years in the workplace I've had a variety of different engineering projects, half of which are robotics or mechatronics based. I graduated from CMU twice in 2011 and stuck around to work in the area.



For a long time I used a small point and shoot camera but back in 2011 I got my first DSLR and I can't imagine going back. I started using it for small school events but that quickly grew to larger events that I attended, and I think I've been getting pretty good. I try to get as good a shot as I can at first, but at this point I spend a decent amount of time in post processing to make things exactly how I want them to be, or to make an entirely new picture.


Gaming/Video Editing

I really enjoy youtube and it has more or less replaced normal TV that I would usually watch. As an avid gamer, I really enjoy the voice over gameplay videos normally called "let's plays". I've started occasionally streaming to twitch with my hometown friends and editing those videos together. I'm really growing my editing chops with these videos, but I unfortunately haven't been able to find the time to shoot and organize something more than that.

BAA Logo.png is the website for Carnegie Mellon's Buggy Alumni Association which revolves around the sport of Sweepstakes (aka buggy) which only exists at CMU. As a student I was very involved with the sport and participated in all aspects of my team. As an alumnus, I go to practices, take pictures, stream, and write the weekly reports which keep all of the alumni and students up to date on what's happening with the course. 2014 is the 100th year of CMU's Carnival which is when the teams race against eachother and awards are presented. Because of my involvement with the BAA, I have been helping plan the events for the big celebration.