Where am I this weekend? / by Ben Matzke

 I'm writing this now because I don't think I'll have much time later this week to do the normal friday thing. This weekend is Pittsburgh's FIRST robotics competition down at CalU where I'll be from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday night. It's a boatload of fun (and work for the Volunteers) that used to be held in the Peterson Event Center at Pitt.  Unfortunately due to the expensive venue and lack of space they had to move it this year, which makes it a lot harder to get to if you wanted to check it out.

That said, I'm still going to try and make it to a few things to Photograph:


1337 is putting on a Broski Benefit show at the Braddock Elks Lodge Featuring Wilkinson. He is  a UK DNB artist and I am really excited to hear him live. I won't be able to be there for the whole night since I have to wake up early the next day, so I'll be there early and probably leave after his set if I can stay on my feet that long.

Check out his sounds: https://soundcloud.com/wilkinsonuk


I don't know of anything happening Saturday, so let me know if you do, but on Sunday, Shpongle is coming to Smalls theatre and I'm looking forward to a magical show. Shpongle's sound is really something else and you can really only experience it by listening to it: https://soundcloud.com/shponglemusic


That's all I've got for now, see you at the show!