No Camera, No Problem by Ben Matzke

This weekend capped off what was a very busy week of robots. It was my 6th or 7th year helping out at the Pittsburgh FIRST robotics competition regional and was by far one of the smoothest I have run. After taking most of Sunday off from just about everything, I got to see Shpongle at Mr. Smalls opened by Dust Dwellers and it really made a nice end to the hectic week/weekend.

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Where am I this weekend? by Ben Matzke

I'm writing this now because I don't think I'll have much time later this week to do the normal friday thing. This weekend is Pittsburgh's FIRST robotics competition down at CalU where I'll be from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday night. It's a boatload of fun (and work for the Volunteers) that used to be held in the Peterson Event Center at Pitt.

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Dry Weekend by Ben Matzke

So this weekend so far seems pretty dry from what I've been hearing. Next weekend is supposed to be pretty amazing, but more on that next week. As for the next few days, there's only a couple things going on for me besides getting ready for next week.

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