Ground Zero Pics are Up / by Ben Matzke

Hey guys,

Last Saturday was awesome and I snapped some sweet pics while there. I also managed to talk with some people and learned that it was really difficult to download photos from this site to use elsewhere. I want to make this easier for people, but I don't have a good solution yet. For now, please shoot me an email if you want a number of pictures and I'd be more than happy to send em' to you.

The other way to get my pictures in their full glory is to go to my Flickr (which also contains all the pictures that I don't include on my site). When you're looking at a specific picture, there should be an option to download various sizes including the original. If you can't figure it out, shoot me a message, I'd be more than happy to help OR check out this link. When you use the pictures, please tag me so I can see them spread!

Without Further ado, here are the pictures from Ground Zero at the Elks!

Fullscreen Gallery

Complete gallery of all photos on Flickr: Complete Ground Zero

If you like what you see here, share it and show off to your friends. Also, please remember to support if you use these pics, any amount is greatly appreciated!