Thrival and Equinox / by Ben Matzke

Hey guys,

Been a while since I posted here and I'm sorry for that. I've still got a lot of Otakon and Fantasyland to get through, and I plan on getting through them at some point soon. Most of my time recently has been devoted to my startup where we just launched our Kickstarter. Check it out.

By the time this goes out, I'll be heading to Equinox down in Asheville which is more or less where I really started getting serious about photography last year. I'm really excited to go back and I'll be taking more pictures than before which I have a little more incentive to get done quickly. 

All the pictures that I have taken recently have been going up on my facebook page first since that has become the easiest way for me to share my work. I hope to bring some of the stuff back here when I have the time, but for now, I'll mostly be posting to Facebook and my Flickr.

As always, I would love to spend more time doing this, but without your support I just won't be able to take that time away from the other things that I am doing right now.