Phantasm uploaded / by Ben Matzke

Been a while since I've updated this so this seems like as good a time as any. As of now, all my photos from 1337's Holloween Phantasm should be up. I've started finally getting through Day 3 of Otakon and I'll make sure I put out an Update when that goes live as well.

This last month or so has been crazy for me and I have sadly had no time to work on this stuff. Between running a kickstarter, trying to fix a kickstarter and then figuring out what to do post a failed kickstarter, I've been working on putting things back together and finding my next steps.

Hopefully this means that I'll be a little more active again, but with the holidays coming up, there might be another lull.


The next major event I'm definitely attending will be the Trancegiving show on November 21st at the Elks, just before I fly back to California for some family feasting time. Hope to see you there!